Create change.
We're closing the loop on excess material extraction; breaking the 'take, make, waste' cycle and empowering creators to do more, with less.

Loopcycle is a platform for the future; igniting a circular community of changemakers to fuel creators everywhere in the design and production of circular products.



The perpetual reuse of resources or materials between two parties in pursuit of a sustainable future.

We need to do more with less.

Loopcycle harnesses the power of conscious businesses to unearth new markets for upcycling.

Closing the loop.

We’re closing the loop on excess material extraction; breaking the ‘take, make waste’ cycle and empowering creators to do more, with less. 

Shifting the focus.

We’re changing the system by focusing on the resource, not the product; revolutionising the way new products are designed and produced from the ground up. 

Igniting community.

We’re moving beyond the circular economy, to build a circular community; a place of collaboration, knowledge-exchange, and lasting relationships. 

Connecting consumers.

We’re ensuring consumer demand for circular products becomes a force that feeds innovation; fundamentally changing our relationship to material consumption.

One of the challenges is how best to put sellers [of used materials] in touch with buyers. How does one company know what another might be able to offer? A centralised location would be one solution, but it doesn’t make sense to move materials further than is necessary…

Prince Charles, Waste to Wealth 2018

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