Trace and trust products wherever they go
We help commercial equipment manufacturers and operators trace, manage and recover physical assets throughout their lifecycle.

A better way of doing business

Maximise business efficiency

Leverage product traceability data to effectively manage your assets, recover valuable resources and directly interact with other platform members.

Increase B2B supply chain circularity

Uncover new opportunities for producer-distributor-operator collaboration and reverse logistics for end-of-life equipment.

Gain trust in the second-life market

Sell and buy used equipment with verified technical history in a secure and traceable way.

A better way of doing business

Unlock Product Traceability

Harness visibility between manufacturers and end users to maximise customer lifetime value and improve product service.

Extend Product Lifecycle

Reuse, repair, enable remanufacturing and better recycling or resell unneeded products at a responsible marketplace.

Boost Performance

Digitalise product inventory, easily integrate with other supply chain ERP portals to automate product registry.

Improve Sustainability

Monitor and measure end-of-life product impact and demonstrate commitment to the circular economy, net zero carbon and UN sustainable development goals.

Save Money

Minimise waste, recover end-of-life products, cost-effectively manage equipment across multiple sites.

Connect with Changemakers

Join the community of a trusted reuse marketplace.

“By partnering with the product traceability platform Loopcycle we translate the theory into practice. We simply do not just offer new products; we maximise the investment into product solutions with additional value over time to help extend the lifecycle of your equipment.”

Darren Lockley
Electrolux Professional UK and Ireland

“We see significant commercial and environmental opportunity for manufacturers and equipment service providers and are therefore delighted to welcome Loopcycle as a member of the Foodservice Equipment Association. Loopcycle is ideally placed to match its service to the needs of the industry and its supply chain for circular economy principles to be implemented effectively.”

Keith Warren
Chief Executive, Foodservice Equipment Association (FEA)

“In Loopcycle we see the creation of a platform that will help Ecofast and all other businesses operating in the food service industry transition to a circular and low carbon future.”

Steven Witt
Director, Ecofast Environmental UK Ltd

Loopcycle platform offers

Digital Inventory

Effectively manage physical assets across multiple sites.

Product Lifecycle Traceability

Embed product traceability at industrial scale from the point of manufacture or resale.

Reuse Marketplace

Gain trust in secondary product performance and obtain maximum value through traceable exchanges.

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