About Us

The Loopcycle platform aims to close the loop on excess material extraction by breaking the traditional ‘take, make waste’ cycle. The new approach focuses on the resource rather than the product, revolutionising the way new products are designed and produced from the ground up.

Loopcycle is a match making platform that can be used by both organisations generating waste and those in need of waste for use in the manufacture of their products. Artificial intelligence matches companies and blockchain technology is used to ensure the transaction is secure and traceable.

Mark Chadwick

Investor & Chairman

Mark is a successful entrepreneur having founded a number of businesses focused on helping companies to build a better future with a specific emphasis on climate change and technology.

Lugano Kapembwa

Co-Founder & CEO

Lugano has instigated a number of circular initiatives within media & publishing and property management sectors including a trial of England’s first Deposit Return machine.

Chandan Rajah

Co-Founder & CTO

Chandan has founded two successful tech start-ups in artificial intelligence and he has designed numerous multi-million pound solutions for large technology enterprises.

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