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Fuelling the development of circular products at industrial scale

Current “take-make-waste” linear production and consumption models are not sustainable. Raw material extraction and production account for 62% of all global Greenhouse Gas emissions and it is estimated that by 2050, we will need three earth’s worth of resources if we continue at current consumption and population growth rates.

Loopcycle unlocks the environmental potential and economic potential of the circular economy by allowing traceable exchanges of products between manufacturers and end users in both directions using our digital material ledger. This extends the life of products beyond their original use and drives the uptake of recycled materials into new products.

Redefining resource management for the future.

Manufacturers register their new products, generating a unique product footprint that will allow lasting traceability from one use to the next. They can also connect with end users to recover used products in order to refurbish and re-sell.

End Users sell or donate used products to other end users or back to manufacturers in exchange for incentives like extended warranties, guaranteed buy-back or upgrade offers.

Our product Cyclecode makes provenance traceable and accessible at every step and can be displayed on recycled products for circular information to be accessed using a smart device.

Building a community of
trusted partners for reoccurring exchanges

Our membership portal embeds trust between all participants within the Loopcycle community through a peer review function, internal messaging and a visible user integrity score.

Our Loopcycle Hub also provides members with trend analysis, research and thought-leadership in order to inspire circular thinking and design.

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