We’re helping businesses to deliver their net zero carbon targets and move towards a circular economy

For changemakers within the industries where intermediaries control the product distribution, Loopcycle connects product manufacturers and end users through embedding industrial-scale product traceability to boost valuable secondary product management, reuse and recovery.

Loopcycle is an ecosystem of shared value built on product responsibility. Our platform facilitates visibility and direct interactions between its users, unlocking mutually beneficial commercial and sustainable value, while keeping third parties in the loop. By extending the useful life of products, together we are improving sustainability.

A better way of doing business

For Manufacturers

  • Maximise customer lifetime value
  • Easily integrate with other supply chain ERP portals to automate product registry
  • Minimise waste by improving end-of-life product recovery

For End Users

  • Fully utilise equipment across multiple sites
  • Improve product service through direct access to the manufacturers
  • Resell unneeded products at a responsible marketplace

Cyclecode is a unique product ID that enables accessing the product lifecycle via your smart device.

Suppliers act on behalf of either of the parties to maintain traceability throughout the product distribution.

How it works

Register Products

Automatically or manually input product details onto the platform at the point of the manufacture, ownership or resale.

Embed Traceability

Access product’s lifecycle by scanning its unique ID, called Cyclecode, via smart device, providing industry recognition as a mark of product responsibility.

Track Product Provenance

Know where all your stuff goes, internally and externally. Use data to monitor and measure the end-of-life product impact or to build direct manufacturer-end-user relationships.

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