How It Works

Redefining resource management for the future.

Instigators have used resources which would typically be treated through their waste management system.

Creators require these used resources to create new products of value.

Loopcycle uses artificial intelligence to pair these Instigators with Creators, in order to create a Cycle.

A digital material ledger ensures that the Cycle is both secure and traceable. This traceability is captured in a Cyclecode which appears on the new product. Consumers can scan this code using a smart device to discover the provenance of used resources within the product. 

Clever connections.


Registers available used resources


Matching algorithm pairs Instigator’s availability with Creator’s demands


Registers demand for specific used resources


Creator makes new product using resources sourced through Loopcycle. New product carries the CycleCode of Provenance.


Used resources are collected from Instigator.  They are cleaned, prepared and transported to Creator by 3rd party

Driving ingenuity through clever connections.

Building a circular community for changemakers.

Resource exchange is just part of the process. Loopcycle is a platform for building relationships.

Our social infrastructure supports the exchange of used resources through:

Company portal. High quality management information to support corporate reporting.

Loopcycle Score. Measures members’ contribution to the circular economy through their activities on the platform.

Network building function. Enables members to form groups of like-minded companies and track their activities on the platform.

Loopcycle Hub. Support ecosystem providing members access to mentors, trusted consultants, research and thought leadership.

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