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We’re a happy team of entrepreneurs, technologists, and sustainability professionals determined to create a circular world by eliminating waste as a by-product of society.

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Mark's portrait in black and white.
Investor & Chairman

Mark Chadwick

Mark is a successful entrepreneur having founded a number of businesses focused on helping companies to build a better future with a specific emphasis on climate change and technology.
Lugano's portrait in black and white
Co-Founder & CEO

Lugano Kapembwa

Lugano has instigated a number of circular initiatives within media and publishing and property management sectors including a trial of England’s first Deposit Return machine.
Chandan's portrait in black and white
Co-Founder & CTO

Chandan Rajah

Chandan has founded two successful tech start-ups in artificial intelligence and he has designed numerous multi-million pound solutions for large technology enterprises.
Aaron's portrait in black and white
Product Manager

Aaron Shakides

Aaron’s background in sustainability assessment and consultancy fuels his desire to help businesses to optimse their use of resources and deliver a more sustainable future.
Customer Success Manager

Gabriela Pędzich

With a MSc in Environment and Development from Kings College London, Gabriela is passionate about the circular economy and supporting businesses around environmentally sustainable development.
Ieva's portrait in black and white
Marketing Manager

Ieva Hofmane

With a passion for design and responsible marketing, Ieva is determined to use her skills to facilitate positive change, contributing to a more sustainable future for all.⁠
Prem's portrait in black and white
Fullstack Software Engineer

Prem Rajah

Prem is a software solutions architect with several years design knowledge and experience. He is also a self-confessed “tech geek” who is passionate about helping solve our climate crisis.
Data Scientist

Shailaja Janjirala

Shailaja is passionate about developing sustainable solutions for companies by leveraging data. She believes data brings transparency and accountability in carbon reporting that helps build a safer, cleaner and just world.

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